Off-road safaris

Driving with a jeep in a forest takes concentration and cold-blooded attitude. But it is possible even for the unexperienced drives since you always have an adept professional with you to instruct.

Safaris start with a quick instruction about the cars and instruction about the terrain. After the instruction straight to business, and when you’re ready, we will convert from easier routes to more demanding ones.


In to the terrain you can fit 12 people at the same time, then we use six cars (2 seat). A larger group will be driven in multiple groups, we do not have a minimum or maximum capacity for the safaris. Seasons do not limit the safaris either – they are driven every time of year!

Everybody gets to be the driver, codriver will be there to advise and most importantly to give courage. All the vehicles are registered, driving requires a B license. Safaris have a strict zero tolerance for alcohol.


Remember to take along reasonable clothing and gear (especially shoes!), so you can enjoy the safari to the fullest! Take note, that the terrain is driven despite of weather, mud and dirt. You will also need to step out of the car once in awhile.

Driving in woods differences from driving in traffic and sometimes the driving can feel even a bit exhausting. Then is necessary to take a break alongside campfire in the middle of woods. A relaxing breather from focusing on rocks and stumps!

Ground rules

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