Other activities

Sumo wrestling, paintball war, archery.. We create many kinds of activities for groups! For a larger group it is possible to organise variety of break activities. When discussed beforehand, we are able to give every group the action they like, in addition to driving or sauna.

You do not need to book safari or sauna premises in order to enjoy the other activities we offer. Contact us and tell what you have in mind, we will do our best to make it happen!

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Grilling sausages or stopping for lunch at the lean-top make sure that our drivers have enough strength to carry on. At the lean-top you can take a small break and share experiences with others – before getting some more!

Eating can be arranged inside as you wish. Food options include soups, casseroles and fish- or meat dishes in a buffet. We also deliver food to the sauna premises.

Groups can influence the menu beforehand. All food is lactose-free, all allergies will be noted when told.


Now you can see who is who when challenging friends to Sumo wrestle! Big costumes and taking measures of one another is a nice addition to bachelor parties as well as refreshment days of companies. Wouldn’t you want to know who is the last man standing? Who hits the ground first? Costumes and other Sumo equipment is also available for rent, including referee.

Price starting from 150 euros / group.


Arc shooting, archery.. Compound bow, crossbow.. Here is some incisive action for women and men! Archery is always instructed by a professional, many clients have left our premises with a spark for new hobby – thanks for our instructors!

Price 35 euros / person


Paintball war will make your adrenaline spike! You are able to wage war with even up to 20 guns. Jumissa.com’s terrace is mostly forest. You can also rent the equipment by itself. War happening on Jumissa.com’s terrace has always a person guiding and giving advice about the guns and game if needed.

Rent includes a gun, a mask, overalls and 500 balls.

Price 39 euros / person


Amongst driving you can take a break at the lean-top. It is a great option also for a base for your event. With us the possibilities are various! Do you already have an idea how to make your celebration as good as it gets?

We are open for suggestions and try to create wishes in to reality. In the past we have organised activities such as digging with an excavator, driving a tractor and operating forest machine and wheel loader. Just ask and see if your idea is possible to create! Let’s just add a little bit extra to your event!

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