Ground rules

Before heading to Safari you should a look at these rules, so everybody can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Ground rules for safari

1. Driving under influence of alcohol – or other illegal substances, is EXTREMELY FORBIDDEN.

2. You need to have a valid B license in order to drive a car. (Without license you can be the co-driver)

3. Make sure that your insurance is up to date

4. Moving in the terrace can get wet and muddy, so wear proper clothing and shoes

5. Respect the nature, we are not here to destroy it

6. Do not make changes to routes designed before hand and follow the given instructions

7. Let guides know about any disturbance during the Safari that might cause danger.

Ground rules of sauna

1. Sauna premises and the furnitures, electronics and other movables are renter’s responsibility. In case of any damage, please note Jumissa Ky immediately.

2. Users are not in charge of cleaning, but we kindly ask you to respect the premises while having fun

3. Do not throw anything else except water on the sauna stove!

4. Personal belongings left behind are stored for 2 weeks.

5. Bring a towel and a bucket full of joy!

6. Please note Jumissa Ky immediately if you discover any flaws or damages in the premises or in it’s appliances.

7. At your use is cooking utensils and household appliances that you find in the rented space. It is forbidden to enter any locked room.

8. Hot tub can be used only if it is rented.

9. You may freely enjoy your own drinks at the premises.

10. In case of an unthinkable mess left behind, we will charge you for it. Please note us right away if you have any problems with keeping the premises clean. Accidents can happen, direct contact is the best way to solve matters like this!

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