Privacy policy


Name: Jumissa Ky
Contact: Pehdonraitti 35, 23600 Kalanti, Finland
Tel: 0500-744668
Registrar’s representative: Markus Rinne
Email: info(at)

The name of register

Jumissa Ky’s customer register.

Purpose of collecting and processing personal data

The register is used for maintaining and communicating customer relations, marketing products and services, and organizing campaigns and competitions. The information in the register may be used for direct marketing if the customer has consented to it.

Contents of the register

The following user information may be entered in the register: First and last name, contact information, company or community and any denial by the service user regarding the disclosure or use of data for direct marketing purposes. In addition, the following information can be entered in the register: birth date, interests or other profiling information provided by the service user itself.

Regular sources of information

Out of contact, user data can also be collected through various competitions and marketing campaigns. Electronic direct marketing, such as email newsletters, is specifically requested from the customer.

Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

In principle, we will not disclose information outside the EU or EEA. Servers and other technical services used for data processing may be owned and managed by a third party service provider used by the controller.

Principles of registry protection

Electronic material: only the specific controller of the registrar and the employees of the controlling company on behalf of and on behalf of the controller are entitled to use the customer information system and to change customer data. Each user has their own username and password in the system. The obligation of confidentiality binds employees handling customer records information. The customer register and the IT system hardware are located in enclosed data bases on a Finnish server. In the event of a malfunction, the information will be verified by copying it regularly.

The system is protected against firewall and SSL protection against outside incoming contacts. Information is disclosed or disclosed to third parties only as a result of the statutory disclosure requirement, as requested by the customer. Manual material is kept in locked state and access only to the relevant persons.

The right of inspection

The user of services has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the register or that there is no information about him in the register. At the same time, the controller shall inform the registered data of the regular data sources of the registry and of the data used in the register and of the regular disclosure.

Submitting a request for verification:

  • A written and signed inspection request is sent to the registrar’s representative at Jumissa Ky’s address or emailed to the registrar’s representative.
  • The register has the option of leaving without penalties.